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Basic Book by Vianna Stibal

All Change







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The isolation of people in many countries is slowly but surely coming to an end as many lightworkers meditate and pray with consistency around the world, healing is and will take place and all will be well. Focus on what you have and are learning from this immense spiritual awakening, have your priorities shifted? I know mine certainly have and I've learnt to appreciate being with family and loved ones much more than ever before.

email asap if you wish to join this one!
Nr Glastonbury Somerset UK 



Beginning on Sunday 5th May a series of workshops for healing and personal growth

in Abingdon Nr. Oxford
Investment will be £70 at the door, early booking £45 per event. Includes free teas and snacks. We will do workshop type activities but this will also include actual energy transmissions that will clear lifetimes of pain and trauma which are blocking you from having absolutely marvelous relationships with:
a soul mate, a friend, yourself, your own body, your family members, your life, your job, your environment....these are all things we are learning how to 'relate' to in healthy and conscious minded ways as we progress along our spiritual path. This will also be tailored to the needs of the group where possible.
Payment link:
Soul Shine Wellness Centre,        101 Radley Road, Abingdon OX14 3PR.
Message me with your interest on 07780.341343 or email      to book your place as numbers are limited. Thank you. Further course dates will be set in due course. This will be with Sherri Jemmett as your coach.

 #nearBristol Airport#

One to one sessions are mainly over skype.
call to find out how I can help you with any challenges you're facing
Tel 0044(0)7780.341343

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coming again soon, email me with requests
go to Other Courses page for details and email me first please before sending in a payment, thanks!!



If you're visiting this page for the first time, you may have been inspired to heal your INNER WORLD so that you can move out of the emotional stuck-ness you've experienced till now, so read on for courses and events and check out the full website at or

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Live interview with Sherri Jemmett (May 2015):

An introduction to Theta Healing and some free healing towards the end of the recording...enjoy!

*Prepare yourself for a session by learning how to do an easy muscle testing method on yourself, the standing method,watch here:

Where does my training begin? Right here! The Basic Course teaches you the basic meditative theta technique to clear and heal the past for yourself and others!

From Feb 2018 the new pre-requisite for further training after you've taken Basic and Advanced Theta Healing is called DIG DEEPER, and it's just 2 days.(further dates coming soon)

Basic and Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner Courses
call or email for your place

click here for details and signing up:

2020 Next course dates coming soon!

dates TBC

click here for details and signing up

payment plans may be requested

Fri 6th to Sunday 8th October 2017
10am to 5.30pm
Near the heart chakra of the world!
Somerset UK (near Bristol Airport) (scroll down for details or click here for details:

between Bristol and Glastonbury, 40 mins to Bristol airport - Somerset UK (M5 exit 23) Fully certified practitioner training. Course fee £395 - early-bird £345 when paid 3 weeks in advance. (email me first please as places are limited!)  EMAIL ASAP WITH YOUR INTEREST! 

SOUL MATES AND SOUL FAMILY course Pre-requisites Basic Theta Healing
Venue: Somerset UK (nr Bristol airport)

7th-8th Dec 2019 - 10am to 6pm daily
fully certified
£295 (early registration min 3 weeks prior is £245)
email asap with your interest.

This 15 day course takes those with Basic and Advanced to another level of skill and ability!
Dates TBC or email with your requests
Manual and human anatomy book included.
Course investment: £1,500 - early registration £1,350 when paid in full 4 weeks before. Non refundable deposit £200 to secure your place!
Venue: Near Glastonbury (Bristol airport) Bridgwater. see course details below..



 So much fun at the Birmingham Multidimentional Show! Theta Healing and Orgonites magic! (2016)

or  email

GAME OF LIFE COURSE Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing and Dig Deeper. Near Glastonbury (Bridgwater, M5 exit and free parking) 

Dates TBC   Course fee £425 - early bird £375 when booked at least 3 weeks in advance. You can send in a deposit but kindly call or email me first for availability! A truly life changing experience to up your business success! Thank you!



Courses and consultations are now available near Glastonbury, Somerset - the magical heart chakra of the world!!

Where are we near? Bridgwater-Bristol-Weston-Super-Mare -BurnahamOnSea-South Wales -Taunton-Bristol-Bath-Glastonbury-Exeter-Devon/Somerset-South West. UK

Taught by highly experienced Theta Healing® Master Sherri Jemmett, who is among the most experienced instructors in the UK.
Just 40 mins from Bristol International Airport.

Courses in Thailand and Italy coming again soon.

             ARE YOU
                    READY FOR
                                                            IN YOUR LIFE!!!?


***Mon 2nd to Wed 8th October 2017***

- Fri 18th to Sun 20th November 2016 

- Fri. 8th to Sun. 10th April 2016   

- Fri 13th to Sun 15th May 2016                                                                                             Bridgwater (Nr Bristol/Glastonbury)Somerset UK.   

Get in touch asap as places are limited!

 Book at least 3 weeks prior to course dates for an early registration incentive fee of £345, full fee £395. Email me immediately for availability and booking process. Thank you! Payment plans may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. So get in touch for a chat, if we can help, we do!

great snacks provided
homemade raw chocolate!!


***Fri 6th to Sun 8th October 2017****

 ***(10-5.30)***book and manual included.

Email me asap for this Venue: Somerset Bridgwater (nr Bristol/Glastonbury)


TBA -details below, £295. Early registration £245 (pre-requisites: Basic Theta Healing) UK.





COMING SOON - courses in Italy 

Please email me before sending in your deposits, thank you. 

You may also send a text msg and we will call you back at a convenient time.  Thank you!

Telephone: +44(0)7780.341343 

Sherri can also be found on facebook:

AND checkout the Sherri's unique Healing Energy Boosters and Radiation Busters on Facebook!

Until further notice, every new student who enrolls on any of my courses will also receive a small healing orgonite EMF protector! What a gift!

THAILAND!!! - coming again soon...

Email for details:

Manuals and books now available: 

English, Spanish, Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovenian and Romanian!! So just let me know in plenty of time if you would like the material in your own language.

A deposit of £100 on each course will secure your place and the rest of the course fee should be paid at least 3 weeks before the start date. (except Intuitive Anatomy, £200 non refundable deposit, full EB fee due 4 weeks prior)
Thank you

Watch this video to understand what you will cover in the Game of Life course!!

Times: 10.15am to 5.30 daily - lovely snacks included!

 Always e-mail Sherri first:  
Thank you!

All courses listed here are taught by: Theta HealingTM Master Instructor  Sherri Jemmett -           

***Course participants receive a lot of assistance and reassurance, and individual monitoring is paramount to ensure you receive the absolute best experience possible during your Theta Healing training.

 If you wish to pay for a session or send in a course deposit, you can also follow the PayPal link on this page (just scroll down a bit and it's to the right)

*Soul Mates and Soul Family course with Theta Healing:
2 day course - Pre-requisites: Basic Theta Healing Practitioners cert. and Dig Deeper  
In this course you will learn the difference between a soul mate and a twin flame, clear inner blocks to manifesting your most compatible life partner, clear old energetic attachments and obligations/vows/oaths with previous partners, both in this lifetime and others - learn the power of your chakra system to attract a partner, also discover what may be missing in your current love relationship to improve and strengthen it - clear negative synonyms with the word 'Love' e.g. love = abuse, manipulation, abandonment, suffering, tragedy, drama - and address fears and programs of 'I am incomplete without my soul mate' to a more self empowered, worthy and whole version of you. You will also experience the heart song exercise and manifest your soul partner and soul family in this lifetime. And so much more!!! Packed with wisdom from the founder Vianna Stibal.
Course dates: TBC
Times: 10am to approx. 6pm.
Course investment: £295 (Early-bird registration £245 when pain in full at the latest 3 weeks prior to course commencement)
Venue: near Glastonbury Somerset UK (free parking, 8 mins from train station on foot) Junction 23 off the M5 motorway

*Basic Theta Healing Practitioners course   
3 DAYS - Learn the basic techniques of this powerful healing technique, how to use the theta brainwaves and connect to the energy of all that is. Learn how to manifest, heal yourself and others instantly - learn how to identify and change limiting beliefs and feelings. Connect to the Energy of All That Is - activate your DNA - clear spirit attachments, radiation, negative psychic energies, trauma, guilt, fears, resentment, anger, past life and ancestral 'clutter' and so much more.. 
10am to 5.30/6pm -  tea/coffee and break snacks provided.

March 2018

10.15am to 5.30 daily

Venue:  Somerset  (Bridgwater near Glastonbury)- UK
Course investment: £395.
Early-bird £345 this offer is only valid when paid in full at least 3 weeks prior to the course dates.

 NB. I generally recommend that you also book a one-to-one session (or more) with me prior to the course if you are new to Theta Healing, but this is entirely your choice. Students who have experienced at least one full session prior to coming on the course are able to progress through course material with greater ease and confidence.
Vianna's book and course manual included.

A deposit of £100 will secure your place on the course.
Payment plans may be requested but cannot be guaranteed.

All deposits paid for courses are non refundable. However in the unlikely event that you are unable to attend, then your course fee minus the deposit will be refunded provided a minimum of one week's notice is given. Alternatively, your course fee may be used towards another course provided this is within nine months from the original course date.
*Advanced Theta Healing Practitioners Course
3 DAYS - . Pre-requisite: Basic Theta Healing.      

Course dates: March 2018

Venue:  Somerset  (Bridgwater near Glastonbury)- UK
Course investment: £395.
Early-bird £345 this offer is only valid when paid in full at least 3 weeks prior to the course dates.

This course is a must if you wish to understand how to use Theta Healing at a much deeper level. You will receive 100's of energy downloads over the 3 days to assist your abilities and speed up your spiritual growth, taking you a step closer to being able to more effectively clear your way to a better life. You will also be guided to use the 'digging' process with greater ease and confidence.
10am to 6pm, bring n share lunch, tea/coffee/biscuits provided.

Course investment: £395  Book and manual included.                                                                 

A deposit of £100 will secure your place on the course.
Payment plans may be requested.

Manifesting and Abundance course
2 DAYS  Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing and Dig Deeper
Course dates: TBA
10.15am to 5.30/6pm.

 This is unlike any other manifesting course, you will understand that you are ALREADY manifesting things in your life and that blocks to manifesting positive change and abundance are rarely to do with money and are mostly imposed by our genetics, i.e. what your ancestors believed. You will have the opportunity to clear the top 100 beliefs blocking your manifesting abilities. There are also special exercises to guide you in the manifesting techniques using Theta Healing.                 A fantastic course!

10.15am to 6pm, bring n share lunch, tea/coffee/biscuits provided.

Course investment: £295
Early-bird £245 when paid in full at least 3 weeks prior to course commencement.
A deposit of £100 will secure your place on the course.
Course Manual and Vianna's Manifesting CD included.

Game of Life

Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing and Dig Deeper
Duration: 3 days
Manual included.
Course dates: TBC
10.15am to 5.30/6pm

Course fee £425 (early-bird registration-when paid at least 3 weeks prior to course £375)
This is one of the most popular courses in the Theta Healing curriculum and has been highly acclaimed as the course that makes really significant shifts in all areas of your life, enabling you to become more focussed on creating the life of your dreams. It allows you to focus on SUCCESS in all areas, clearing obligations to your parents/peers/society, move beyond procrastination and perfectionism, and so much more. This course really increases your energetic vibration so that you can be a better manifester in your life.
This course also has a clearly defined structure and development that is unlike the other courses of its kind. The shifts I experienced after taking this class myself were phenomenal!
Can be taken either before or after Intuitive Anatomy and Manifesting and Abundance.

*improve your 'digging' skills
*clear obligations to your peers and family
*clear attachment to past successes
*receive energy downloads to push you forward on the path to success
*learn how to bring your dreams into your reality
*learn how to recognise your present 'comfort zone' and release those barriers
*clear blocks to becoming accepted by society
and so much more!!

Rainbow Children with Theta HealingTM (for adults)
Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing
Dates: TBC
10am to 5pm approx.
4 DAY COURSE: This course awakens the Rainbow child in you, allowing you to develop your psychic skills through an assortment of exercises (past life, shamanic journeys, crystal scrying) training and belief work. An amazing experience! This course also assists in preparing Theta Healing students for DNA 3 and healing the inner child.
Course investment: £495 (deposit £100) Early-bird £440
manual included.
course times: 10.00 to 4.45  Venue: Nr Bristol Somerset (Bridgwater)

Intuitive Anatomy - Theta Healing
click for details:

2018- March (after Easter)

15 DAYS - Pre-requisites: Basic and Advanced Theta Healing and Dig Deeper
This is an intensive course for Practitioners who are serious about working with Theta Healing and wish to understand and work with the body systems and their common related beliefs in greater depth. You will work on one body system per day, increase your scanning abilities and work through beliefs held in your body you never thought you had. I will also give some demonstrations and the course has accompanying video material to further assist you in understanding the body systems and how they inter-connect. The course is in blocks of 5 days of tuition followed by 1 day off ,over approx 2 and a half weeks.
A deeply healing experience! And lots of fun, so consider booking your time off work for that now!

  • Day 1 - Atoms and Microbes - Parasites, Viruses, Fungus and Bacteria
  • Day 2 - The Skeletal System
  • Day 3 - The Endocrine System
  • Day 4 - The Digestive System
  • Day 5 - The Respiratory System
  • Day 6 - The Heart and Circulatory System
  • Day 7 - The Lymphatic System
  • Day 8 - The Excretory and Sexual System
  • Day 9 - The Muscles
  • Day 10 - The Nervous System
  • Day 11 - The Skin
  • Day 12 - The Eyes
  • Day 13 - The Brain
  • Day 14 - The Ears
  • Day 15 - The Body as a whole
  • COURSE DATES: March 2018 (after Easter) dates me asap with your interest.

    10.15am to approx. 5/5.30 pm daily.
    Manual and Anatomy book included. Fully certified.

    Payment plans may be requested for this course but cannot be guaranteed.  Email me to apply, thank you.

    Course Investment: £1,500 (early registration when booked at least 3 weeks prior to the course)
    Early-bird: £1,345
    Payment plan may be requested.
    Manual and Anatomy book included.
    A deposit of £200 will secure your place on the course.
     Thank you! :-)

    In the UK:
    SOMERSET COURSE VENUE:  Just over two hour's drive from London, 35 mins.  from Bristol airport, just 5 mins. from M5 exit J23
    Free parking
    Cosy homely venue

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