Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Students feedback!

"What an amazing insightful course! I am so pleased I have embarked on this Theta Healing journey and attended the Advanced course, it is an invaluable tool to my true nature of being and I am committed to it! Sherri as a teacher is fun and she ensured we felt safe and she is thorough. Sherri is very engaging and easy to relate to. Thank you dear Sherri, Gratitude Abound!" ADVANCED THETA HEALING COURSE Apr. 2012 S.B. Kent

" I found the course beneficial, mostly because of the time which we spent on belief work. I am leaving with a strong feeling of being more open and lighter! I could feel Sherri's warmth and generosity, her knowledge, experience and commitment! The course had a beauty and love was present all the time. The food was amazing!!" MANIFESTING AND ABUNDANCE COURSE, Nov. 2011 B.A.

"Sherri, thanks so much!! I just wanted to say I have never enjoyed a course more. I think your teaching is superb. The work covered was always clear and concise with a wonderful amount of love and joy thrown into the pot. I have left you with a wonderful lightness in my heart and a huge smile on my face being able to enjoy the magic of life even more" ADVANCED THETA HEALING COURSE, Sept. 2011 J.S.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Theta Healing Courses - success stories!

Some students testimonials: Basic Theta Healing course April 2012, Canterbury UK
"Sherri - excellent teaching - a wealth of understanding, knowledge and experience communicated in a very easy way to understand and succinct manner. Sherri is also friendly, welcoming, nurturing and an empathetic person. Excellent course material and structure. Looking forward to the next course! L.M."

"The course has given me incredible tools to help clear my own life and help others change theirs. Sherri has given me the confidence that I can reach the 7th plane and that I am able to become the real me, free from beliefs that no longer serve me. Her sense of humour and patience were constant throughout the course and we learnt to laugh and feel joy while learning amazing principles. Coming on this course will prove to be an important turning point in my life! E.H."

Basic Theta Healing course Sept. 2011, Canterbury UK
" Brilliantly and carefully constructed and managed throughout, I liked the humour and lightness of the whole experience!"

" This course has brought all of my life experiences together and in line with my life now! Already after 3 days it is all starting to make sense. I had such fun, in the openness of all the students and such power in the sharing. Sherri makes learning fun yet maintaining a high standard of professionalism. The Manor Barn is such a beautiful venue, I felt very connected to its peaceful atmosphere and feeling comfortable here made the learning experience even greater, even better! I love the goats and the chicks! :-)

" I found Sherri to be an excellent teacher that generously fulfilled all our needs, and the course material and structure is brilliant and clear too."

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

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